Team Building & Strengths Finder Coaching

Team Building & Strengths Finder Coaching

Team Building & Strengths Finder CoachingTeam Building & Strengths Finder CoachingTeam Building & Strengths Finder Coaching

Dr. Ariela Freedman, Learning and Development Consultant


Current Work

Dr. Ariela Freedman is a strengths-based Learning and Development Consultant who primarily focuses on the public health and health care sectors.  A teacher and an artist at heart, Ariela uses a combination of approaches to build the capacity of individuals, teams, and organizations. Ariela’s toolbox includes strategies from public health, education, business, and the arts, resulting in interactive trainings that are skill-focused and fun.



Ariela began her career as a high school English, Drama, and Debate teacher in Chicago. She later directed health programming at Head Start in Minneapolis, then served as an Assistant Professor in the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University. She has served as a consultant with a variety of organizations in Atlanta since 2014.


Education and Training

Ariela has a PhD in Behavioral Sciences and Health Education from Emory University and an MPH from the University of Minnesota. Ariela also has a Master of Arts in Teaching and a BA in English Literature. She is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and a certified Positive Discipline Trainer. 


Creative Playgrounds

Ariela is a visual artist, writer, singer, recording artist, baker, and a proud alto in the chorus of Congregation Bet Haverim. You can hear Ariela's solo recordings here.

Download Ariela's CV for more information about her experience and education.

About MavenTree



Mavens are information specialists – known for their content expertise, communications skills, and passion for teaching others what they know. Ariela wanted to ensure that her business focused on building capacity in others, strategically and creatively.



Trees embody growth and strength. Like organizations, trees start small. If grown under supportive conditions and with structures to ensure resilience, both can become strong, dependable pillars of the community. 



MavenTree helps individuals and teams gain the skills and mindsets to do great work for years to come. This type of long-term capacity building involves gaining self-awareness and developing tools to address multi-faceted challenges. MavenTree's approach balances rigor with reality, always with a splash of humor, fun, and creativity.   


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