Team Building & Strengths Finder Coaching

Team Building & Strengths Finder Coaching

Team Building & Strengths Finder CoachingTeam Building & Strengths Finder CoachingTeam Building & Strengths Finder Coaching

Introduction to Strengths

Why coach people through Strengths?

Mental health and sustainability are important to me. I've worked in toxic places that are built upon shame and negativity, which lead to burnout. Creating a positive workplace culture, where people feel valued and seen, begins with building on Strengths. As a Strengths Coach, I help people understand their strengths, clarify their values, and put both into action. I help people create environments where everyone can thrive and become their best selves.

What kinds of Strengths Coaching does MavenTree offer?

MavenTree offers Strengths coaching with individuals and teams. See our specific offerings below, and know that they are tailored to the needs of each group.

How do I know what my Strengths are?

MavenTree uses the CliftonStrengths assessment (formerly called Strengths Finder). Most teams use the Top 5, and some choose to have coaching on all 34 Strengths. 

Strengths-Based Workshops For Teams


Your Top 5 Strengths

What gives you the most energy at work and in your personal life? Chances are, these things are highly related to your strengths. This foundational workshop will help you develop a solid understanding of your unique strengths and how to apply them to reach your goals.

You and Your Values

Can you name your top 5 values? Values express our deepest-held beliefs, yet most people don't have clear language to describe them. This intermediate-level workshop will help you understand how your values intersect with your strengths, so you can more efficiently meet your goals.

Teams and Strengths

Do you know the strengths of your team members? Can you identify how these strengths influence the way your team members see and interact with the world? This intermediate-level workshop draws on the Team Strengths Grid as a tool to strengthen communication and build bridges between team members, all with a focus on improving workplace culture and performance.

Management and Strengths

Do you know how to use strengths as a foundation to manage your team? This advanced-level workshop is for managers interested in learning how use strengths to develop staff, increase engagement, and improve performance.

Strengths-Based Coaching for Individuals


MavenTree offers individualized coaching sessions focused on the goals of each client, such as leadership development, management, parenting, communication, and more.

Cost for a one-person 90-minute coaching session is $150. 

A package of three 90-minute coaching sessions is $400.

What Happens in Strengths Coaching?



We take a deep dive into understanding your Top 5 Strengths: what do they mean and how do they apply to you?



We explore your Strengths' balconies and basements: where do they serve you best and where do they hold you back?



We focus your Strengths on accomplishing your goals: leadership, parenting, education, employment, etc.

What Are People Saying About Strengths Coaching?

Franklin Thayer, Director of Research Administration at Boston Children's Hospital

"I whole heartedly recommend Ariela for people interested in exploring their personal strengths and how they play into a team’s dynamics. Ariela's competency as an instructor is matched by her ability to create a safe teaching environment with a bit a fun and humor."

Ariana Santiago, US Alumni Engagement Lead at Generation

"Ariela is a powerhouse people-developer, and her coaching instinct is impeccable. She knows how to pique your curiosity and bring you along on this journey to a better self.  Each time we met, I felt like a better version of myself than the week before."

Katie Busch, Associate Dean of Advancement and Alumni Engagement at Emory University

"I highly recommend Ariela as a Strengths Finder facilitator. She ran a half-day program with my team that was meaningful, educational, and also fun! Ariela is professional and very knowledgeable. If you are seeking a valuable workshop to help your team better prepare for future success, contact Ariela now! You'll be glad you did."

Jessica Stephens, Events Manager at Emory University's Laney Graduate School

"I appreciate the StrengthFinder approach that focuses on maximizing strengths rather than correcting weaknesses. That perspective gave me a new lens to look at myself and my teammates. I tend to focus on the negative things about myself, things I need to "fix," and it was nice to spend some focused time thinking about my strengths and how I can capitalize on them."


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