Team Building & Strengths Finder Coaching

Team Building & Strengths Finder Coaching

Team Building & Strengths Finder CoachingTeam Building & Strengths Finder CoachingTeam Building & Strengths Finder Coaching

MavenTree offers a variety of skill-building workshops to help you build and run strong programs and evaluate your impact. Check out the list below and let us know if you'd like a workshop customized for your team.

Program Building Workshops


Program Planning: Turning Good Ideas Into Fantastic Programs

Are you building or redesigning a program? This interactive full-day workshop teaches a seven-step framework for developing effective and engaging programs.

Curriculum Design: Logic Models to Lesson Plans

Need a crash course in writing curriculum? This full-day workshop will teach you to develop objective-driven lesson plans that engage all types of learners. 

Teaching Adults: How to Make Things Stick with Grownups

Do you have great content but aren't sure how to teach adults? This full-day workshop provides a practical overview of adult learning theories, hands-on opportunities to practice teaching, and a supportive environment for giving and receiving feedback.

Engaging Kids: Life Skills and Loving Spaces

Do you work with kids and struggle to manage challenging behaviors? This half-day workshop teaches Positive Discipline strategies focused on creating environments that engage and support all children. This workshop is great for parents, teachers, counselors, coaches, and anyone else who works with kids.

Health Literacy: Practical Skills to Reach Struggling Readers

Does your organization serve people who struggle with reading and writing? This workshop teaches practical communication skills for adjusting the "literacy burden" in your organization so you can better reach the people who need your services most. 

Evaluation Workshops


Evaluation Planning

Building a program or writing a grant? You'll need an evaluation plan! In this full-day workshop, you will learn to develop a practical and comprehensive evaluation plan for any type of program.

Interviews and Focus Groups

Wanting to gather data by talking to people? Fruitful interviews and focus groups require a thoughtful guide and a trained facilitator. In this full-day workshop, you will learn practical strategies to design and conduct interviews and focus groups in the real world.

Survey Design

So you want to write a survey? This half-day workshop will teach you how to develop great survey questions that get you the data you need.

What Are People Saying About MavenTreeWorkshops?

Eileen Price, Chief Executive Officer, In The City Camp

"Ariela is a phenomenal teacher and trainer! Her workshop on Positive Discipline was the highlight of our 2018 staff training. She customized her teaching so that it was engaging and developmentally appropriate for our high school and college-aged staff. Ariela modeled various learning strategies in order to appeal to different learners and made sure to keep in touch as an expert resource."

Hilary Merlin, Training & Comm. Specialist, Region IV Public Health Training Center

"Ariela is a fantastic facilitator. I've seen her in action multiple times as she had traveled around the Southeast as a presenter for my training center. Her workshops consistently get enthusiastic reviews from participants. She excels at translating high-level concepts into practical skills for real world practitioners. Participants' leave feeling competent rather than overwhelmed. I always enjoy working with her!"

Dr. Christina Borba, Dir. of Research, Dept. of Psychiatry, Boston Medical Center

"Dr. Freedman is very clear, methodical, and rigorous in her approach. Her best quality is her ability to make very complex concepts easily understandable. She walked me through developing a curriculum logic model in a way that was not overwhelming for me or my grant application. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking assistance in program development, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination."

Dr. Delia Lang, Associate Professor, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University

"Ariela has taught a Curriculum Development course to MPH students for several years.  Her teaching methods are competency-driven, extremely well organized, and impassioned. In my role as program director, I rarely observe the level of accolades for an instructor as is the case for Ariela. Most importantly, students consistently report leaving Ariela's class feeling empowered and passionate about their own trajectories as public health professionals. Ariela is a true educator!"


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